"Coming Home to Westcliffe"

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Coming Home to Westcliffe

Winter Storm Watch

We woke up to 6 inches of snow and had single digits overnight. Surrounding areas are getting more. We need the moisture and the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range that surrounds us is a white out. 


With animals, we must be vigilant. Our routines and planning pay off big time in inclement weather. Bill was up a 4:30 a.m. letting horses out, cleaning stalls, checking that the waterers were working and plowing. Horses have plenty of feed all day thanks to our trickle feeders. The grass hay actually helps keep them warm and they have the option of shelter under the eaves of their barn or the open of the paddock or pasture. They also have heaters in their water troughs, which were filled the the brim with clean water this weekend (when we had 60 degree temperatures). This shift in temperatures is hard on animals. We feel that providing electrolytes and warm mash in the evenings helps too.


The duck have extra shavings in their coop and surrounds, as well as some meaty sunflower seeds and corn to help keep them warm. This morning they devoured some warm green peas and have plenty of fresh water that also has a bucket heater. No swimming today girls! We even retrieved one egg just after sunrise. It did not freeze and Bill had it for breakfast.


Kitties are snuggled into a self-heating cat bed in the barn, droopy eyed and purring away, tummies full of a bit of warmed cream and wet food.

Two more suet cakes were put in the bird feeders last night in preparation for the storm. The birds, particularly the scrub jays and juncos, flock to it.

Dogs are lounging around me now as I type, but came out briefly to do their business and run about in the snow. After about 5 minutes, paws were being lifted and it was time to come in. Beau, my quintessential farm dog, followed me about while I did the farm chores. 


We humans are making chili, writing and working inside by the fire. Snug and happy are we.

Posted 157 weeks ago