Refresh -- Light Housekeeping

Imagine coming home to your mountain retreat and upon opening the front door...

  • You see sparkling surfaces, freshly swept can smell the clean!
  • You find a clean bathroom with fresh can feel yourself relax!
  • You walk into the bedroom to find it neat as a pin with a freshly made hear yourself sigh!
  • You find fresh flowers commemorating a special occasion...your smile lights up the room!

Our housekeeping checklist will provide you a glimpse of our Refresh services. Please contact us to ask questions & to begin our conversation and request a housekeeping estimate.

For our client family, we can arrange 'clean up' services when your mountain stay is complete. We will leave your home clean and readied for your next visit, including removing trash, cleaning the fridge and oven, laundering bed linens & bath towels and covering furnishings with dust covers, as requested. NEST services are billed through PayPal invoices.

Nest Home Services. LLC