"Coming Home to Westcliffe"

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Coming Home to Westcliffe

Nature + Nurture = Thriving Puppies and Good Dogs!

I have so very much enjoyed this litter of Reason x Rose puppies. Starting with health tested and sound parents with good temperaments and proven performance, gave us the ‘nature quotient’ necessary to be good stewards of the breed. We followed the Collie Club of America Code of Ethics, that is designed to ensure stewardship, welfare of the individual dog for the life of the dog, mentorship, and continued improvement of the breed.

I am thankful to my mentor, Shelley Bergstraser of Wild Wind Collies. Her dogs are well known for their soundness and intelligence. They excel not only only as beloved family pets, but in whatever endeavor the family chooses to pursue with their beloved companion, be it herding, agility, obedience or conformation. We strive to match puppies with the family’s experience and expectations to the puppy’s personality and potential. The breeders, my husband and I, stand behind the puppy/dog for its entire life and offer needed support to the forever family.

These puppies have been nurtured, as readers are aware, through Puppy Culture protocols seeking to enhance and enrich the critical socialization in a puppy up to 12 weeks.  Timely ‘lessons’ and experiences are based on the puppies development markers, which may vary from puppy to puppy. The program has helped us learn to closely watch the puppies and allow them to take the lead showing us what they need & when. I believe strongly that we have raised puppies who “enrichment seekers” and are ready to thrive!

The puppies love affair with their forever families begins in the next several days. It is bittersweet for me. I cry happy and grateful tears knowing that I have done all I can to raise sound, curious and loving puppies who will bless their families for many many years. My heart is full and these precious ones will reside in sweet memory and fond hopes there forever. I am always here for you, my darlings. Go, now, with joy, puppy kisses and tail wags (and nice PC “manding”) into the world.  In each whisper of “I love you” from your family, know it echoes in my heart.

Posted 196 weeks ago