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Coming Home to Westcliffe

Gratitude & Happy Families

“Gratitude is the sweetest thing in a seekers life – in all human life. If there is gratitude in your heart, then there will be tremendous sweetness in your eyes.” -Sri Chinmoy

Friends often ask me how in the world I can raise a litter of puppies to let them go. It is a labor of love, as well as one of the greatest joys of my life. It is that love that propels each and every decision I make from purposefully planning a litter, to thoughtfully raising the precious puppies and to placing them with carefully chosen families. I do absolutely all I can do to bring healthy puppies into the world, and absolutely all I can do to prepare them for the world (and their families). By the time the puppies are 9 weeks old, it is a joy to see them go to their forever homes and wonderful families.

The anticipation, the preparation and the smiles of the families are sweet treasures; each email, message and photo of the puppy in their new home, make my heart smile. Each photo shared is a piece of my dream coming true: that these darling puppies will grow up to be wonderful dogs who bless their families every single day of their long lives.

Collies have a well-deserved reputation of being great family dogs and being best pals to children. Remember Lassie and her kids?! I am grateful that the puppies are living up to that tradition. Story (aka Fancy) is Foxhaven Wild Wind Life is Full of Wonder and is already busy writing chapters in the hearts of her family.

Delta (aka Arrow-Dart) is Foxhaven Wild Wind Shadow of the Starlight.  A fitting name since his ‘dad’ often works nights with Delta is his steady companion. Delta, too, watches over his “kids” and is their gentle little big man.

Like his brother, Walker (aka Socks) is a gentle soul and is best pals to his new buddy. He is confident sweet soul ready to explore. A perfect personality for a little boy. Walker is Foxhaven Wild Wind Walks in Quiet Solitude.

Not to be outdone, Berkley (aka Stormy) has captured the heart of this family. Wouldn’t you be smitten, too, waking up to this charmer every morning? He is Foxhaven Wild Wind Silver Clouds Below.

Paige (aka Blue) is a Princess Warrior. The princess part is apparent by one look at her. The warrior comes from her sense of self and living with a terrier. Play is the name of the game at their house, and so is nap time! We will be seeing more of her in the show world, as she matures into the beauty she is destined to become. No wonder she is Foxhaven Wild Wind My Blue Heaven.

Grace (aka Bowtie) stayed on here at Foxhaven and woven herself into our pack and intricately into our hearts. She glides around the farm on her long legs causing my breath. She is brave student in puppy kindergarten, making mama proud. She is well named: Foxhaven Wild Wind Grace in Every Step. She and Rose are quite the pair.

The secret, I think, to a happy life is finding something to be grateful for each and every day. Especially in the fast approaching holiday season, we pause to look a little more closely at our lives, our families, and our world. It certainly can be a bittersweet experience for many and for most, this year of 2020. It is my hope that in the pause, we see love that binds us together. And, perhaps the wag of a puppy dog tail that makes the “happy” in our lives just a bit more present.

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